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Past Event - October/2014

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Come join us on another great night of security talk. Food and drinks will be provided courtesy of Skadden Arps. Mingle, learn and prosper!

Glad to announce a draw for Galaxy Tab4, Wireless Headphones (SkullCandy) – GreenSQL and a very cool Quad-copter (RiskIO) among folks who attend.

Protecting sensitive data in the cloud: New approaches to mitigate database security risk

The rapid adoption of cloud technologies, driven by the huge advantages they offer businesses in terms of productivity, efficiency and cost savings, is throwing up evermore complex security headaches for information security practitioners tasked with protecting an organisation’s sensitive data. As data moves to the cloud, databases are increasingly vulnerable to breaches, and as a result enterprises need to ensure that they apply rigorous strategies and controls to protect their information assets.

During this talk, we will discuss how to classify and discover data, manage the risks associated with migrating data to the cloud and identify effective tools and techniques to detect and respond to data breaches.

David Maman is a recognized international expert in computer security — advising companies on threat management, real-time network protection, advanced network design, and security architecture. In addition to his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science, David confesses to being heavily self-taught—a quality that has served him well in this highly dynamic industry. David is the co-founder and CTO of GreenSQL

What Your Security Data Isn’t Telling You

Michael Roytman, Data Scientist, Risk I/O

Vulnerability prioritization is where everybody goes wrong and nobody knows it. CVSS currently guides the vulnerability management strategies for most organizations, but this standard is at best obsolete. In this talk, Risk I/O Data Scientist Michael Roytman proves why CVSS is no longer a valid vulnerability management standard by:

Using analytical model analysis and live data from 20,000 organizations, over 1 million assets and over 50 million vulnerabilities.Correlating this dataset to a previously unexplored dataset of live, ongoing breach events.Utilizing sensitivity and predictive value positive analysis to analyze the effectiveness of vulnerability management strategies.BIOMichael Roytman is responsible for building out Risk I/O’s predictive analytics functionality, and has been selected to speak at some of the top information security events on this topic, including BSides, Metricon and SIRACon. He formerly worked in fraud detection in the finance industry, and holds an MS in Operations Research from Georgia Tech. His home in Chicago contains a small fleet of broken-down drones.

INVEA-TECH is an international  vendor (manufacturer & producer) of network and security solutions specialized in flow monitoring (NetFlow/IPFIX) and Network  Behavior  Analysis  (NBA,  NBAD). 

Jiri Tobola Co-Founder and VP of Alliances will be providing a brief technical overview/demo for the FlowMon technology.

Jiri started his mission at INVEA-TECH, the leading European technology startup, as a technical director. After successful FlowMon product launch he had taken the responsibility for business development and established customers and channel partners in Europe and Japan. As of today, he is responsible for global sales partnerships, technology alliances and US market development.

Prior to his commercial career, he was researcher, developer and project leader at Czech national research and education network – CESNET. He worked on design of FPGA based solutions for large scale networks monitoring. After successful participation on a number of European R&D projects he became one of the founder and leader at the INVEA-TECH company. He has a deep technical background in network monitoring & security, NetFlow/IPFIX, FPGA technology.

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