• David Raviv

Past Event - September 2015


Fireside chat Patrick Heim – Head of Trust & Security at Dropbox

Patrick manages security and compliance for both the company and its service. Patrick joined Dropbox in January 2015 with over 20 years of information security and technology experience. 

Previously, he served as Chief Trust Officer at Salesforce.com, where he built and ran a world class security team that contributed to making Salesforce one of the most trusted enterprise cloud vendors.  

Patrick also held Chief Information Security Officer positions at Kaiser Permanente and McKesson Corporation, and senior positions at Ernst & Young and two early stage security technology companies. 

Patrick advises security startups and serves on the board of directors at Cylance. 


Title: Next-Gen Identity Verification: Facial Recognition with Social Biometrics™

Abstract: Fraudsters have grown more innovative; online and social media data may hold the key to better identity verification.  Based on decades of research and experience in security authentication and authorization, Sunil Madhu will discuss the recent advances in leveraging social media and trusted on-line data sources for identity verification.  Blending facial recognition with machine learning, new frictionless authentication enables the next generation of security – based on Social Biometrics. 

Sunil will unveil a new solution to this well-understood problem, one that overcomes the challenges that typically encumber the utility of facial recognition.

Presenter: Sunil Madhu, CEO and Co-Founder, Socure

Presenter Bio: Sunil is the founder and CEO of Socure, the leader in real-time online identity verification solutions, a start-up company based in New York City. Sunil is a serial entrepreneur, with several successful transitions through IPO and acquisition. A security architect by profession, he has spent over 20 years innovating identity and access management, addressing hard problems in network and application authentication and authorization.  At Socure, Sunil leads an experienced team who is ‘pushing the envelope’ of identity verification, by employing online and social media data for real-time consumer and business authentication. Sunil holds a MS degree in MIS from Glasgow Caledonian University and a BS with Honors in Computer Science from Strathclyde University in the UK.

Bob Gilbert, Chief Evangelist at Netskope. Bob heads up the product marketing and evangelism efforts at Netskope, the leader in safe cloud enablement. 

Bob is a prolific speaker and product demonstrator, reaching live audiences in more than 45 countries over the past decade. His career spans more than 20 years in Silicon Valley where he has held product management and marketing leadership roles at various technology companies. Most recently he was the Chief Evangelist at Riverbed where he was a member of the pioneering team that launched Riverbed from a small start-up of less than 10 employees to a market leader with more than 2,800 employees and $1B in annual revenue.

Cloud Security 2.0: Taking an app, user, and data-centric approach.

The Saas market is exploding with an average of 715 cloud apps in use per enterprise. While increased cloud usage is generally a good thing for productivity, using the cloud can increase the probability of a major data breach by up to 3 times. Previous generation cloud security technologies were built to address a narrow set of use cases and often leave an enterprise vulnerable to the risks that come with using the cloud. Bob Gilbert, Netskope’s Chief Evangelist, will discuss the essential requirements for a comprehensive cloud security strategy and introduce next-generation technology that takes an app-, user-, data-centric approach to safely enabling the cloud. 

Tomer Magid   |   GM & VP Product FireLayers Inc.

Tomer heads up FireLayers’ US operation and drives our product development organization. Under his leadership, our vision for delivering the industry’s policy-based, prevention-focused cloud application security solution has become a reality.

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