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Past Event - September/2015

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

New York Cyber Security Summit - September/2015

One of the largest, fastest growing threats to your enterprise is NOT your competition; it’s a cyber attack & breach on your sensitive data and infrastructure. Learn about the latest security threats facing your business from the world’s experts along with reviewing the most cutting-edge solutions at the New York Cyber Security Summit

September 18th, 9am – 6pm The Millennium Hotel 145 West 44th St. New York, NY 

This one day, Invitation-Only conference for senior executives, will give you the ability to set up business meetings in advance with best in class companies who can help prevent cyber crime that can cost you and your company millions of dollars. The combined expertise & industry knowledge of our speakers and solution providers is priceless. We are very honored to have so many of them join us to share their experience and recommendations to further educate business leaders like you. 

A catered breakfast, lunch and cocktail reception are all included in this exclusive event. Pricing is $250, however, for a limited time, by using the Promo Code NYIS2015 your price is 50% off, just $125. 

The cost of a data breach as you know can be in the hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars… Meet & Learn from Cyber Experts & Tech Companies from The FBI, The NSA, Palo Alto Networks, Intel Security, Trend Micro, Symantec, PhishMe, Raytheon, Websense, BalaBit, CenturyLink, E-Mazzanti Technologies, DarkTrace, Covata, Prevoty, Exodus Intelligence and 20 more… 

Visit CyberSummitUSA.com – View the full list of speakers, industry leaders, cyber experts & solution providers and to acquire one of the remaining limited tickets

Hot Panel Topics include, Insider Threat, The CISO and the Boardroom, The Monetary effects of a Data Breach and the need for Cyber Security Insurance and a view of the Upcoming Threats and Latest Solutions on the market.

Attendance is limited to just 300 executives; so reserve your one day pass today before the summit sells out again.

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