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Cyphort's Advanced Threat Defense

Salil Panicker, the Sr. Sales Engineer at Cyphort, explains the importance of proper advanced threat detection during our April meet up.

The IT landscape is changing. BYOD and the usage of the Cloud require a solution that is dynamic and “nimble.” The impact of a data breach is often devastating and it is no longer an issue of the IT team alone. It affects the entire company – in fact, it’s not uncommon to see C-level executives lose their jobs over data breaches anymore.

Companies often face advanced organized hacker groups. To protect their data, an advanced and flexible solution is needed. Salil makes it clear in his presentation, that Cyphort’s Advanced Threat Defense Software Platform is the top solution for advanced malware detection. To see why, watch Salil’s presentation in the video below.

If Salil’s presentation caught your interest and you would like to see more such presentations, have a look at our media archive. To attend one of our future meetups and see other thought leaders in information security present, have a look at our Meetup page for more information about upcoming events.

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