Advancing Information Security

NY Information Security Meetup (NYIS) is about advancing information security. Come join us to learn the latest information on enterprise security trends in Cyber Security, Mobile computing, Networks, Endpoint, Governance and Compliance. The meetings will feature speakers, emerging vendor demos in the security space, panel discussion, hands on workshops, and networking.

We are in midst of an era where Cyber Security is taking front page and enterprises are embracing new technologies to defend against rising threats. Come and join us to mingle, learn, and prosper.

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John A.

I have attended a number of presentations over the last year and have found them to be quite informative and topical. It is also a great chance to meet very bright individuals who are either experts in their subject matter or interested in learning new areas of study. Awesome topics, people, and venues. Thanks!

Jack Q.

I attended my first NY Info Security Meetup last night. I thought it was very well presented and paced meeting. It was held at the BWG Strategy dedicated event space on the 22nd floor of a building on 7th & 39th. Comfortable seating for the speakers plus open loft type area for networking. complimentary wifi …


The meeting held on April 6 was fabulous. Four speakers talked about the security problems from different perspectives. Dan discussed the severity of the cyber attacks threatening the online systems, and some key defense measures his team adopted to assure the data integrity. Leif introduced …

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